1. Reduce costs and enable growth by enhancing how you operate and manage your business!

    The Situation and Challenge

    Many small and mid-size companies are using outdated software systems to operate and manage their business. While many large enterprises implemented extensive business management systems over the last 10 years, the investment required for these systems were out of the reach of most smaller firms. Now, many can no longer wait to upgrade as their current systems are limiting their ability to manage their operations, causing workarounds which result in delays and errors, and blocking the growth of their businesses.

    The CompuTec Integrated Solution

    CompuTec can help your small or mid-sized business upgrade to a business management system with enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost. These systems, which are commonly known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, are now well within reach of most businesses.

    CompuTec offers solutions based on  International Business Systems (IBS) software. Jeeves and IBS produce  proven, award-winning ERP systems that can include the following functionality and much more.

    ·Accounting & Financial Management Analytics & Reporting·Customer Relationship Management (CRM)·Distribution


    ·Warehouse Management

    .Manufacturing·Order Processing·Executive Information System

    ·Service and Repair

    ·Point of Sale (POS)

    Noted for being technically advanced as well as easy to customize, IBS’s systems are in use by thousands of companies around the world.

    Here’s a quick overview of the distinguishing features of our solutions:

    ·Flexible: It’s easy to customize to the way you do business

    ·Productive: simplifies business processes, and provides users with one-stop access to the information  they need

    ·Scalable: you can expand the functionality and performance as needed

    ·Integrated: all of the data is integrated, all software modules are integrated, and the product also works  seamlessly

    ·Analytical: you can segment, combine, and examine data in unlimited ways

    ·Multi-National: supports multiple languages and currencies

About Us

CompuTec Integrated Solutions, Inc.

has been in business since 1995 as a full service Information Systems Provider. Our impressive standards of excellence have kept us consistently ranked as a top performing IBM Business Partner. Our alliance with IBM has spanned over 17 years. We provide the highest quality products and services available to meet all of your technology needs.

Your Successful Future

Providing turn-key solutions for all size organizations from the small to the large in the Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail environments is our specialty! There is few second chances in today’s fierce competitive marketplace. Technology provides the ability to drastically reduce costs and keep a company well positioned to compete effectively in their specialized field. CompuTec works with your team to match the most suited software and hardware solution to your business needs.

Our Extensive Resources

Our professional team averages over 20 years of Data Processing experience. We realize that our customers need specialized skills in the many areas of computer technology. Our staff continually stays current with industry trends in order to keep your organization educated with all of the “new and leading edge” goods and services available so that we can provide our customers with the best advice available to achieve your business goals.

Proven Solutions

CompuTec has proven solutions for your business. Currently other companies in your specific industry are realizing the financial benefits of the right computer solution for their companies right now.

We are able to effectively eliminate the “computer fear” by providing your organization with a systematic approach to analyzing your critical business objectives. During our thorough analysis, we will evaluate your future business objectives considering work flow, technical, and financial requirements. CompuTec will demonstrate a solution in a manner that each user of the system can easily understand and visualize how it will benefit them. We will assist you with an outlined training schedule and planned implementation period.

CompuTec encourages you to contact several of our customers who use the proposed solution-all BEFORE you buy! This takes the worry out of making a computer decision. We will make sure that our solution is the RIGHT decision for your business!

Let CompuTec Integrated Solutions guide your company through the 21st Century!